Challenging times for local government look set to continue. In addition to dealing with the legacy of several years of budget cuts, PwC predicts councils will face new risks up to 2020 and beyond including cyber security threats, the shift away from grant funding and a more demanding public*.

With continued uncertainty and new challenges emerging, councils need to adapt and innovate. There is a growing recognition among council leaders of the need to become more commercial in their approach – finding new ways to create revenue streams to support delivery of public services and improve efficiency.

Rethinking procurement processes is at the centre of this transformational agenda as it offers the opportunity to generate new income and make savings without compromising service delivery.

Many councils have seen the benefit of working with companies that can offer process and change expertise as well as providing the technology and digital know-how needed for implementation. Clive Boddington, COO at Oxygen Finance, advocates a partnership approach where process and change experts become embedded as part of the team, he maintains,

‘Those councils who gain the most from our programme are also the ones who want to get involved and embrace change. We work collaboratively with councils to ensure the solution we create is fit-for-purpose now but also continues to deliver benefits for years to come.’

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*Local State We’re In 2017, PwC